Decide and Conquer
Group Coaching Bootcamp

The Decide And Conquer Bootcamp Is A 12 Week Group Coaching Program Built For Women With T1D By Women With T1D. 

Tired of wondering if it will be this hard forever?

Doing everything you can and still not feeling great?

We help you step into your power. 
We help you rise up... on every level.

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The truth is... when we're diagnosed, 
we're only equipped with 10% of what we need in order to thrive with T1D. 

Do you struggle with…

Up and down blood sugar numbers

Needing support in between your endo check ups

Lack of confidence in your insulin dosing

Doing your best but with daily stress and anxiety

So much unpredictability you don’t know where to start

Guessing with every part of your diabetes and operating more reactively than proactively

You deserve to have support, specific guidance, and all the tools to feel confident as an individual, and as a T1D.

Which is why I created the Decide + Conquer Group Coaching Program. To help you, and other women just like you…

The DCB Is for you if...

You're a woman on a mission to take control of  your T1D 

You’re a woman with an open mind and heart who is ready to prioritize herself

You're looking for accountability to make good habits more automated

You have the desire and willingness to be better than you were the day before

You see the value in being surrounded by like minded people who get it

You know working on your mindset is just as important as working on the numbers

DCB is not for you if...

You're not optimistic and future-focused 

You believe that people are not responsible for their own outcomes

You're not ready to prioritize your diabetes

You're comfortable staying in the shadows and not opening up

You're not someone who is able to support and respect others

You're not ready to accept help or actively engage

The Decide + Conquer Bootcamp is the next step on your journey…

and it’s not one you’re doing alone.

Meet your coaches

I started this group coaching program for female T1D’s in 2018, with the mission of merging community and transformation together.

Living with Type 1 Diabetes for 20 years, coaching hundreds of clients since 2015, and speaking across the country now as a National Board Certified Health + Wellness Coach and  Resident Diabetes Coach for Omnipod, I’ve been able to see what’s missing in the traditional diabetes management model.

 And how I can fill that gap.

My success and recognition as a T1D coach comes from being an expert in initiating mindset and behavior change, but also in providing the organized support and accountability that causes most people to thrive, once they're given it.

I'm here to help, and it is my #1 goal to make you feel confident and empowered, in every part of your life. 

Meet your HEAD COACH:LaureN

The secret weapon in the DCB? My Co-coach, Jess.

Jess joined the LB Coaching Team in 2019 and she really allows us to give our DCB clients so much support. She’s been living with Type 1 for 15 years, is a National Board Certified Health + Wellness Coach, a certified personal trainer, and a Co-Diabetes coach within Decide + Conquer Coaching.

Jess emphasizes strength, balance, mindset, and support. She is a firm believer that all four aspects are necessary in establishing a healthy mind, body and soul and in creating a life you love. Jess is there in between calls checking in to make sure you’re on track, supporting you with any roadblocks that come up, and will provide that hype girl energy you need. 

When you're inside the DCB, you get two coaches by your side the whole way, helping you create the transformation you came for, and more.

Co-Coach + head of enrollment:
Jessica Bonilla 

Trista is a certified health coach with a huge passion for helping T1D women learn more about their hormones and feel empowered understanding the relationship between their cycle and blood sugars.

Trista was born and raised in Vermont, where she developed an appreciation for the outdoors and healthy living. She has lived with Type 1 Diabetes for 26 years and credits her young diabetes confidence to the support she received from her T1D father.

Trista’s active childhood evolved into college athletics, traveling abroad, and interning for a women-owned business in Uganda.

Her passion for school and learning led her to begin her career in education as a learning specialist who worked one-on-one with students with documented learning disabilities.
Having been both a player and a coach; a student and an educator; and a coaching client of Lauren’s in 2017, Trista believes in the power of the coaching dynamic to help overcome challenges, create sustainable change, and infuse self-confidence and independence along the way.

Trista is also a certified yoga instructor and is currently in school working towards her NBHWC certification.

Meet your Support COACH:Trista

Stacy was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 37; by this time, she had already started a family and established a career path. She found that juggling a new diagnosis, advancing in her career, and raising her children was intensely difficult. In an effort to understand how to better manage her own T1D, she began studying nutrition.

After receiving a master’s degree, Stacy used her new education and her personal experience to start a small catering business, aimed at providing healthy meal alternatives for busy professionals.

She is a believer in the power of knowledge, community, and relationships. A graduate of the September 2020 Decide and Conquer Bootcamp, she is committed to the idea that we are better together than we are on our own. The DCB strengthened her belief that connection with coaches and fellow diabetics makes facing health challenges less overwhelming and provides the necessary encouragement we need as T1Ds to thrive.

Stacy is a Certified Health Coach with a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Kansas and an M.S. in Health and Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University. She is currently working towards her NBHWC.


So that you could connect with a second family around the possibility of change.

So that you could feel guided and supported… throughout the entire process.

We built this program for you.

Ok, listen.

This isn't just more information that you can find on google. I promise.

This is about unlocking your potential.
Bringing all the pieces together.
Enhancing how you live your life.

So that you could come out on the other side with more intuition and self-sufficiency.

So that you could walk around with your head held high, confident in your own understanding of your body.

“The DCB will change your life, in ways you didn't expect. It's not just better numbers, it's a complete overhaul, at your pace.” - Courtney Priester

Here’s how our graduates feel on the other side…

“Before joining, most of my days felt like I was battling with my diabetes.Now, it doesn't feel like such a battle. These 3 months were filled with support, encouragement, and incredible coaching that gave me tools I will use for the rest of my life.” -Emma Clay

“Since the program, I adjusted my range from 80-260 to 70-160 and my time in range is at 80%! ” -Mika Marino

Okay Lauren, i want to Apply for the September dCB

“I never realized how much you could bond with strangers you met over the internet in a matter of months! Lauren and Jess are not only highly qualified, but they're T1Ds too and this makes a huge HUGE difference!”- Iqra Bawany

Imagine the Transformation…

before the Program

You’re frustrated with how much diabetes interferes with your life

You're tired of your numbers going up and down so much

Straying from your routine creates fear and anxiety

You crave more high level attention from your endo

You keep telling yourself you should be able to figure this out on your own

You don't want to feel so lost alone in this

You think about how much happier you'd be if the diabetes piece just felt easier

After the Program

Life with more clarity and freedom

Confidence in blood sugars, both in and out of routine

Less guessing with insulin dosing and corrections

Better understanding of the roles certain habits, food and exercise play into insulin resistance + sensitivity

Improving your blood sugar control doesn't feel so hard anymore

No more sacrificing good blood sugar numbers OR the food you love

Have your entire perspective flipped on how to live confidently with diabetes

Today is the day you stop living on autopilot.

If you don’t take action today, you’ll likely feel the exact same way in
 3 months...
6 months...
...a year.

The Decide + Conquer Bootcamp Gives you...



 A clear roadmap for lowering your a1c

+ Understand what needs to be implemented holistically to reach your A1C target + other goals
+ Step by step strategic planning 
+ Program assessments to keep you on track





+ Gain clarity around how certain foods/workouts/ habits are affecting your blood sugars
+Implement mindfulness and reflection strategies
+ Learn how to listen to your body vs telling it what to do




 the ability to establish a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD

+ Improve your blood sugars while eating MORE carbs
+ Remove anxiety + fear around travel + eating out
+ Unravel your "restrict-binge" eating patterns





+ Learn how to make peace with the negative voice in your head
+ Learn how to break out of old cycles of anxiety + stress
+ BONUS: Access to a library of T1D specific guided meditations




 An upgraded T1D TOOL BOX you can use FOR LIFE

+ Have in depth strategies you can use kong after the DCB ends
+ Tools that go way beyond basic carb counting
+ A guarantee that other areas outside your diabetes management will improve moving forward


Here is what's included when you join the Decide and Conquer Coaching bootcamp:


Join for three months of coaching, guidance, and accountability, getting direct coaching from me and Jess while connecting with other T1D women just like you.


Seven LIVE group coaching calls taking you through the DCM programming which includes open format Q + A time to get coaching specific to YOU (plus, one 1:1 call half way through the program)


Access to our Slack channel with constant communication within the group. A place for weekly check-in’s, your questions answered, real time feedback, and building relationships in community of T1D women who get it.


We equip you with some of the best resources necessary to make sure you feel supported + succeed in reaching your goals. While you’re in the bootcamp, you’ll have access to additional video trainings and supplemental guides.


Scroll through some super inspiring DCB Client experiences and wins


Keep doing what you’ve been doing
Take action and see results

   You have a choice to make:

That’s why it’s called the “Decide” and Conquer Bootcamp. 

The first step is the decision.

Then, together, we’re going to conquer every challenge.

This group coaching program was created to give you the guidance, support, and accountability you need as someone with T1D. Our coaching has worked for hundreds of T1Ds…

And it will work for you, too.

🎉 95% of DCB’s last graduating class gave the program an 8/10 or higher

🎉 100% of graduates would recommend this program to another T1D

🎉 Over 93% of our graduates have reported a drop in their A1C

🎉More than 75% of our most recent graduates reported 70% time in range or higher for their 30 day average

Here’s some unDeniable proof that you can see results 👇

Still not quite certain?

- Caitlin, Boston, MA

“In January of 2020 I had my most recent endocrinologist appointment and came out of it feeling very discouraged. My A1C had crept up by another 0.2 to 7.5, my highest since leaving college 4 years ago. I felt defeated and my endocrinologist didn't really give me any words of encouragement, rather focused on making some slight changes to my basals and sending me on my way. I remember driving home in the car crying as I felt lost.

No joke right as I was pulling into my driveway, Lauren called for my consultation. I cannot even tell you how investing in myself changed my life. 

This program has the capability to make such an impact, and hence why I have recommended it to everyone I talk to.

This not only made an impact on my personal and diabetes life, but also my professional life as these are the types of conversations and skills I hope to develop in my patients as a nurse. Thus, I would 110% recommend this program to anyone and everyone.

Lauren and Jess will help challenge and coach you to become the best version of yourself and feel confident as a woman, an individual, and as a type 1.”

Megan Haas,
 DCB Graduate

“The results from this program were indisputable— I lost weight, my a1c dropped, and my time in target increased. But I’m more proud of the results that can’t be measured. My relationship with food and insulin has totally transformed—I no longer binge or restrict food and I correct highs and lows mindfully which has eliminated rebounds.”

Jordyn Fink,
DCB Graduate 

“If you are thinking about joining Lauren to better your lifestyle, don't hesitate to reach out to her. Her and her team are super helpful and down to earth. They help expand your T1D toolkit and support you along your journey to see results at your own pace. From this group I have gained self-confidence and increased my self-love for myself and body. She helped lower my A1C from a 8.2 to a 7.3!”

Alyssa Gierke,
DCB Graduate

"My a1c has dropped down to a 5.9 and it feels so easy! Lauren is an incredible coach with a tremendous amount of knowledge for t1d and whole body health! Her education has been life changing for me. "

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 and in your entire relationship with yourself.

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